Answers to commonly asked questions

Are you native English speakers?

I am indeed a native speaker of English. I was born and raised in a large city in Pennsylvania to parents who were also born in that state. I grew up reading and writing far more than the average child, and our house was full of dinner-time conversations and other situations where I honed my ability to communicate. Long before I started school, I was already well along the pathway to excellent academic research and writing skills.

My writer-colleagues can all tell similar stories. We were all born and raised in the United States, and all speak English as our native language.

If I hire you to complete a model academic project, will you supply me with 100% original work?

In a word: YES. We have no tolerance for plagiarism, either in our own work or anyone else's. What's more, you won't hear any excuses from us, as so many other writers tend to throw around: "Oh, I forgot I'd copied and pasted that section in there, I'm sorry." "Oh, I forgot to cite the source for that paragraph, I'm sorry." None of us have never once offered that kind of excuse because we've never needed to. We all write completely original work; always have, always will.

Can I see your academic writing samples?

Sure! Here they are: Pursuing a Higher Education, "Why Not Essay Examples?", My Life - Sample Admission Essay (Undergraduate).

How can we communicate while my project is in progress?

For the most part, the best way to communicate is by email. This way, everything is in writing so no misunderstandings can occur. However, upon occasion a phone call might be required to clear up a few things. In such cases, you can request that your writer give you a call. If you send your phone number, time zone, and a few good times your writer can call you back, he or she (or I) will be very happy to do so!

Will you keep my information confidential?

We will most certainly keep your information confidential, not only through the course of our working relationship, but beyond. We have nothing whatsoever to gain by divulging your information to anyone, and in fact we all stand to lose a lot if we become known as people who would betray the confidence of their own clients. Your personal information is safe with us.

What if my committee rejects my work?

Well, the first piece of advice we give to clients is that their committees will DEFINITELY reject their work, and most likely many, many times. This is part and parcel of the process of getting an advanced degree; asking students to jump through hoops is one way faculty members assure themselves about their levels of commitment. And don't expect your committee to be consistent with their comments, either – one week they will tell you to remove a particular piece of information, and the next they will insist it's critical to your study. Unless a particular committee member is obviously and completely incorrect (which is almost never the case), you just have to roll with the punches.

Having said that, we are happy to roll with you and make any necessary changes. Please see the question about revisions for my full policy regarding changes to the work.

Do you handle major rewrites?

We can certainly assist our clients with major rewrites of their works. Please note, however, that when a particular text has deep and serious issues, it is generally impossible to fix it in one revision attempt. In fact, it is often better for clients to start over, rather than try to fix texts that are deeply flawed, because it can take so long to resolve the issues, especially when they are very deep.

We are willing to try. However, because such rewrites are so difficult, we make no guarantees as to our ability to "fix" texts that have serious problems. We can promise to make significant headway on the first round of changes, but beyond that, please understand that further changes will be accompanied by further charges.

Our best advice is to ask us whether revising your current document or starting fresh would be the best idea. The cost is about the same and starting fresh usually means having to deal with far fewer revisions in the future.

Will you complete revisions for free?

The answer to this question depends upon the nature and extent of the changes required. If your writer removes a paragraph one week, only to have your committee ask for it back the next, we will be happy to do that for free. We are also very happy to correct any mistakes we might make (yes, we do misplace commas from time to time – wish we were perfect but we just haven't gotten there yet!).

However, if your committee changes its mind and asks you for a qualitative study instead of a quantitative one, requiring a complete rewrite of the research design and methodology, we will indeed charge for the work. In such cases, no one is to blame – your writer hasn't made an error, and neither have you – but the fact remains that a huge amount of work has to be done over again, and we feel it is fair to be compensated for that work.

Again – this process will require many changes. It's important to have that in your mind at the outset, so that requests for revisions don't throw you for a loop.

Will I own the full rights to the work once it has been completed?

As long as we personally complete your project, you will indeed! Whether we revise your work or create a model project to help you with your own, you will own the complete and full copyright of that work.

What are your prices? I don't see them on your website.

We don't post exact prices on our site because every project is priced on an individual basis. This is especially important at the graduate level, when large-scale projects entail many kinds of different work (writing, revising, statistics, etc.), and thus must be considered according to their unique characteristics. This is why we ask you for a lot of information ahead of time – that way, we can accurately price the work involved (at least at the beginning of the project).

In general, our prices range from about $35.00 to $45.00 per 300-word page, depending upon the scope of the work. Sometimes the cost is less, sometimes more, but this is about what you can expect. For a firm quote, please do fill out the form -- there is no charge to do that, and this way you will know for sure.

This price is more than you will find at some cut-rate term paper places. "You get what you pay for" holds true in this business as well as every other business. While it might be tempting to believe that someone will provide you with a completely original, custom-written model dissertation for $500, we urge you to resist the temptation. What you will receive is a plagiarized mess written by someone whose command of the English language is mediocre at best.

You have arrived at the final step along a very long, arduous road. Do you really want to skimp now?

What if I can't pay for the entire model project all at once?

We are happy to offer installment plans for large projects! While we cannot begin work on a given project until payment has been received, we are certainly very happy to schedule the work in increments to meet your budget. These are generally very large-scale projects, and we completely understand that paying in full isn't always an option. Just ask, and we will work it out!