How your information is collected and used is extremely committed to protecting your privacy. Please review this privacy statement so you understand what information we collect from our clients, why we do so, and what will happen with this information in the future.

Information We Collect

We will only ever ask you for information regarding your particular project, and nothing else. To collect this information, we will ask you to complete an initial inquiry form, and may in the future ask for additional materials as they are needed.

We will always explain why we need a particular piece of information, and you will always be free to decline to send it. In such cases, however, we will note when the absence of such information may, in our opinion, lead to a decline in the quality of the work, and will formally hold ourselves not accountable for said decline.

Information will also be collected via our email correspondence through the course of your project. Again, as with all other information we collect, we will do nothing whatsoever with that information except use it in our work together.

We will never collect payment information, as all payments will go through PayPal or Western Union; this way, there will never be an issue of concern regarding money.

What We Will Do With Your Information

First and foremost, we will use any and all information you send us for no reason other than to further our work on your project.

We may also use your contact information at some point in the future if you "fall out of touch" in the middle of our work together, simply to confirm that you no longer wish to use our services so that we may keep our records straight and our schedule clear.

Storing Your Information

Because so many clients, over the years, have lost access to their projects, we will store your final work on our personal computers (and nowhere else) for a period of one year after we complete our work together. We will also keep your email address and other contact information for that period of time.

We will not, however, keep journal articles, drafts, or other aspects of your project beyond the completion date, as to do so would quickly fill up every bit of memory we have.

Disclosing Your Information

The only time we will ever disclose any of your personal information is if we have offered to refer you to our colleagues, and you have agreed to the arrangement. With your explicit permission, we will send your information to said colleagues, and to no one else.


Please feel free to contact us regarding any or all of these policies should you have questions or concerns about any of them, and we will be more than happy to discuss them with you. Our email: info a/t


By completing the inquiry form, you consent to the collection and use of information as detailed in this Privacy Policy. Any changes to this policy will be posted immediately; therefore, whatever is written here is the most updated version of this policy.