Make money as an academic writer

Yes, it's easy to start making money as a freelance academic writer. No, this is not one of those "work from home" ads that turn out to be a waste of time. Academic writing is in high demand, and people like you are in high demand. If you are reading this because you know how to write excellent model research papers and could enjoy doing it from the convenience of your home and your own schedule, you probably have what it takes to get into this game.

♦ The writer enjoys searching for peer-reviewed journal articles about the most recent developments in a professional field.

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Even if you are not experienced writing example thesis papers and dissertations, you can still accept undergrad work and other writing projects that interest you. The people who freelance through are highly educated scholars with advanced degrees, but if you are not yet ready for grad research we can set you up to help bachelor's degree candidates, job-seekers in need of résumé & cover letter, English language learners, and anyone in need of English editing.

Graduate level writers and editors have even more opportunities. What quantitative or qualitative methods have you used? You can use them again to help clients design original research studies. What topics have you explored? Some clients will need help with related topics, so they'll be glad to have help from an expert writer with similar interests.

Many students need help from strong academic freelance writers, but the people who can help them are rare. You really have to be a methodical thinker with strong intuition and the ability to commit to deadlines. If you have the mind of an academic writer this work will be easy for you, but your clients will appreciate you SO much because you'll be making it possible for them to achieve their most important goals.

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